Spacing between items in the lister when in grid mode

Hi again,

Is there any possibility to increase the spacing between items in lister when in grid mode? Age catches up with me and I had to increase a little the font so now the items look crammed.


There are padding and spacing options in Preferences / File Display Modes / Details, above the grid options.

I'm not sure if that's what you mean by "grid mode", though. It only affects Details mode (or Power Mode if you go to the similar settings for that), which can display grid lines. It doesn't affect List mode, Thumbnails mode, Tiles mode or the Large/Small Icons modes.

My bad, I meant list mode. So, no chance then?

Not currently in List mode, but we'll add it to the ideas list.

When you fix it, please fix it for the tree as well. Have a look at the screenshot bellow and see the difference between Directory Opus and Explorer. I find it much more comfortable for the eyes the way Explorer spaces the items on both the tree and the list.


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