Spacing with Office 2003 style toolbar appearance

I've decided I like the button highlight aesthetics of the default Toolbar->Appearance settings, rather than the Office 2003 style settings...

Just curious, but is it ~expected that DISABLING the Office 2003 setting causes the actual Horizontal and Vertical spacing to increase? I've got various things in my lister setup ~aligned based on how everything was spaced out with the Office 2003 setting enabled... I guess whether the change to the spacing is ~expected or not is sort of irrelevant - it is what it is. I guess what I really want to know is - seeing as the default horizontal and vertical spacing values are respectively 3 and 2, and I assume there's a good reason they're set to those values... is there any drawback in reducing the defaults to 2 and 1 that a casual visual inspection didn't reveal? It seems that's the closest to the spacing that gets used when Office 2003 is enabled... though the horizontal spacing is still a slight bit ~off.

Yes, it is ~expected. No, there's no drawback to setting the spacing values to whatever you want. Use whatever looks best to you!