Spade symbol on key up

When I try to navigate using the Alt + arrow keys
a spade symbol is typed in the filter or find boxes.
This makes it hard to navigate folders without having to clear the
input fields. Can you help please?

Do you mean the filter or find box is already active, and you push alt+arrow it puts a strange character into the box?

Which exact filter / find boxes does it happen with? (I tried a few but couldn't get the same thing to happen.)

Which arrow key should I press (or does it happen with all four)?

I can't replicate your spade symbol problem. With a quick filter box active, alt-uparrow and alt-downarrow do nothing. What language setting are you using and have you remapped the alt-uparrow key?

Whilst testing this I see that alt-left and alt-right do not behave as anticipated. My QuickFilter preferences are:

Starting point with no filter active..

Apply *.ahk QuickFilter - does its thing as expected..

Alt-LeftArrow - moves back to previous (parent) folder; filter specification (*.ahk) is left intact but filter is cleared. I expected both to be cleared..

Alt-RightArrow - moves back to where we started; filter specification (*.ahk) is left intact but filter is cleared..

Enter key - filter specification (.ahk) is cleared. I expected the residual (.ahk) filter specification to be applied, not cleared when pressing Enter..

Regards, AB

Thanks. (Although, until we hear back from Wickett, we do not know if you or I were testing in the correct filter field.)

The rest is a derail, though. It would've been better in another thread. However, it all looks correct and by-design so I don't think it's worth worrying about.

Let's keep to what's in the original post & the follow-up questions in my reply above.

Feel free to split the peripheral stuff off.

Regards, AB