Special Characters; Folders, Files, and Url file extensions

First, I must confess my lack of ability to simply type a special character in Directory Opus such as an ö
( German; Deutsch umlaut ) .
Despite adding the standard Win98 German keyboard config, I still can't do it properly.

It's easy in HTML, but I'm missing it in Dopus.
When I need to write a special Character, I simply copy it from displayed HTML.
Special characters are easy in HTML.

When I create a new folder, named ö for instance, and then try to delete it,
I must refresh the lister to show the delete.
After a short moment the file is deselected and still displayed, but it really is deleted.
If the folder containing the special character is only a subfolder of the deleted folder, the lister display deletes normally.

If I have a *.lnk file ( shortcut ) or any file other than a *.Url file, the same behaviour results as with folders.
In addition to this, if I right click and select properties on a file containing a special character,
a redundant file of the same name is then displayed in the lister.
If I right click and select properties N times, I will see N identical special character files in the lister.

If I have a URL link, a *.url file, that contains a special character such as an ö ( German;Deutsch umlaut ),
the behaviour is even stranger.
The link is replicated in the lister display endlessly.
It is as a clock ticking and at each tick of the clock an additional identical file is displayed.

This behaviour is not unique to Dopus 8.1.
Earlier versions did this as well at least on my Win98 SE machine.
I am refering to FAT32 partitions on the local computer, and not to FTP sites.
I do not see this behaviour in Win98 Explorer.

:opusicon: porcupine

It has happened to me that deleted files / folders were still shown in a lister. But it had nothing to do with special characters ; it happened with a harddisk in an external USB case (though not everytime I deleted something).