Special discount on extra licences


I seem to recall a recent post that you can purchase additional licences at a special price for a short period but I can't find the details anywhere.

Was it my imagination or has that offer expired?



I believe that was sent out to your email only (1 or 2 people might of asked for help). The offer is good till March 4th, 2013. You need to login to your My Accounts page. Then go to Add Licenses and enter in the code they provided in the email.

If you have any further problems on such issues, please contact GPSoftware directly via the sales address.

Thanks ktcrash/Greg, it was via an email!

It seems though I can only upgrade from my two user license to a 5 user license (and the discount codes shows as invalid).

I sent an email to sales asking for advise.

ok. Thnaks. I've replied to you by email.

The forms on the web site can only process the standard licences for 1,2 or 5 installs. For 'other' licence sets, we process these manually.