Specific exe slows down DO

Since a few weeks DO has a problem accessing the executable (and also exported profile-files) from "SyncBack Pro".

E.g. when I restart the PC and a profile-file (.sps) exists in startup-folder, DO needs 2-3 seconds to show the listers' content (but after 1st start there's no delay anymore). When extracting the SBP-setupfolder (portable version), DO always delays when accessing the "SyncBackPro.exe" (same when just copying the extracted SBP-folder). Also showing its icon is always delayed.

I don't know if it's caused by DO or SBP, but I start here, because Explorer doesn't show this behaviour.

You can download the portable version here (directly from the devs site): http://www.2brightsparks.com/assets/software/SyncBackPro_Setup_NI.zip

Edit: When copying the exe, the CPU-usage also goes up to 30-35% on a i7!

I just test it on 2 other PC's - same behaviour (CPU-usage goes up to 90% on a i5, when copying the exe).

Try disabling your anti-virus software.

Ahh, didn't think about (I have no AV installed, but of course there's Win8-Defender)! But why it doesn't slow down in Explorer?

Defender probably ignores Explorer.

Ok, I've asked the devs of SBP and temporarily excluded the exe. Thanks Jon.