Specifying the height of the Utility Panel

How do you specify the height of the utility panel? This has been a mystery to me for a long time.

  • I want just two heights, one larger height for script output, and one smaller height for Sync and Find.
  • I'd also like to be able to reduce, and then restore, the larger height with a button.

WORKAROUND: I know that I can save these as distinct layouts, then write buttons that would first open the desired layout and then add the current source and destination directories to it — and possibly the other current source tabs and destination tabs as well. But a simple utility-panel-height command would be far more straightforward.

Using Styles, one for each size, is one way to do it.

Thanks leo — I had forgotten about Styles. It's still got the feel of a workaround rather than a direct setting of the Utility Panel height, but it's certainly a great deal easier than the fiddling about that I was suggesting.

All sorted very quickly once I had the clue. What is so very clever about this system is that you can choose exactly which style elements you want applied to any current lister. I didn't understand this before. Much appreciated.