Speed up delay for point-to-select?

I'm used to using single click mode in Windows Explorer, and have set the delay for selecting files when pointing at them pretty low, so that a file is selected after pointing at it for only a tenth of a second or so.

But when I point at a file in Directory Opus, I have to wait something like a second before the file is selected, which IMHO is pretty annoying. Is there a way to adjust this delay?

Thanks very much!

Not that I know of, but is the hover time to select something you actually configured within explorer or with some other app such as TweakUI?

It's a registry setting:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\MenuShowDelay

By default it's set on 400, mine is 125.

And yes, it's this registry setting that TweakUI and similar programs adjust. It changes the start menu speed, but I've double-checked and I'm 100% sure it also changes the file select speed in explorer. However, not in Dopus.

Perhaps one of you could try it out and see if you have the same problem, or if it's just me?

Well, I tried it and it just doesn't seem like Dopus uses Windows/Explorer settings such as this as part of it's rendering engine. That was clear anyway though since setting the option for single click (point to select) within Explorer doesn't change the Dopus behaviour, and you must set that optin in Dopus Preferences... Also, selecting items in the parts of the namespace that Dopus is 'known' not to actually render (like the desktop) sure enough IS affected by the Windows/Explorer setting. So I guess the only people that can answer this for you are GP programmers or Dopus registry hackers :frowning:.

Yep, that's what I suspected, but thanks for trying it out and making sure!!

I've already contacted the developers and they are going to look into it. Here's hoping they'll fix it in the next release.