Split Favorites / Folders into two panels [Feature request?]

I do use my favorites a lot. Problem is that if I select a folder, the favorites move up and out of view. I am aware of options to keep the folders more condensed, but what I really would love to see is the option to split the favorites and folders into two panels like this:

So each panel would have its own and independent scrollbar.

You could put your favorites on a toolbar or menu to separate them from the tree. (They're in a menu on the file display border by default, but can be placed anywhere you want. You can also make individual shortcuts anywhere on toolbars if it's easier than using favorites.)

I secretely knew that it can be done. Putting my favs in a bookmarks bar like I am used to from chrome is even better. Keeps everything neat and tidy. :heart_eyes: dopus :heart_eyes: :grin:

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