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Split filename parts into individual columns for click sorting


I have a music database of some 1500 songs and the Opus file has a "name" column which
incorporates Three elements > Ref - Artist - Song.mp3< limiting any sorting to reference the
Ref element.
Is it possible to reformat the Opus file such that the three elements are in individual
columns allowing click sorting of each ie listing by Artist / listing by Song title as well as
the base listing of Ref. This would provide a means of establishing duplicate Song titles
of any specific Artist and duplicate Song titles of different Artists.
Thank You


There are some add-ins which let you split parts of the filename into separate columns using regular expressions:

The first one has a nice UI to help set up the columns. I think the other two are configured by editing a config text file. The second of the three links to a detailed tutorial on how to set it up, which may also explain general concepts that apply to all three.


As the author of the tutorial Leo mentioned, I'm a big fan of using file-naming conventions to organize files into columns.

That being said, for the specific case you're describing, I'm hoping you're aware that the other way to go is to use the Opus built-in columns that access the files' metadata. These columns can be shown by right-clicking any column header and selecting the Music category, and of course that can be automated by saving the format of the lister and associating with a specific folder, a keyboard shortcut, a type of folder based on certain thresholds etc.

If you already have the metadata, that's another way to go. Although the file-naming convention might be more effective as far as Opus goes as you don't need to open every file. Not sure.