Spotty RAR performance

I recently acquired a collection of data CDs that had been rar'd by CD. I selected the entire series of rar's, and pressed my custom button to extract them to the destination directory, creating subdirectories for each rar. About 20 minutes later, DOpus finished "counting" the files and finally began extracting them.

Two points concerning the "counting". First, once the counting has exceeded some reasonable time limit, say one minute, it really seems like the operation itself ought to get underway. Whether the counting is continued in the background would be an implementation issue. Second, the counting appears particularly pointless in this case since the only reason to count the files is to present a status display. There is a status display, but it always says 0% completed. The time spent counting the files is totally wasted.

When extracting these files individually, the situation is almost worse. There is NO display that says "counting", yet a protracted count is still going on. More than once I've assumed I mis-clicked and started what turned out to be a second instance of the extraction.

I just timed one. It took slightly over one minute to "count" the files, during which time the only indication DOpus was doing anything at all was the flashing disk light. The actual extraction took less time, no doubt due to part of the file still being cached.

What does your custom extract button do?

How many files are on the CD and in the RAR archives?

Let me know and I'll see if I can reproduce what you describe.

Copy EXTRACT=sub

Forget I mentioned CDs. It's accurate, but an unnecessary detail as far as this issue is concerned.

The RARs are all collections of directories and subdirectories. One RAR picked at random from the group contains 13 folders which contain a total of 45 subfolders which contain a total of 4000 files. The files range from maybe 200k bytes on the low end to about 500k bytes.