SSH Favorites

I added a session like this to my favorites, Session-Name is "Server1":


The "Favorite Locations" is configured with this Function:


When i open the session from the favorites the following path is in the pathbar:

ftp://Server1/Path/Path1/Path2/Server" FROMFAVES CONTEXT NEWTAB

The error comes up:

An error occured reading folder: bad message
and this folder opens

ftp://Server1/Path/Path1/Path2/ (last Level missing)

It's best to use the FTP Address Book, in the FTP menu by default, to bookmark FTP and SSH sites.

Favorites will just save the URL, which doesn't normally have enough information to reconnect to the site, even without other issues on top.

But i want to bookmark the path to an FTP location. And since the feature to bookmark FTP locations is there i think it should work as expected - even with th "useful" parameters.

The bookmark uses the ftp-connection (including user and everything). The issue is only with the "FROMFAVES CONTEXT NEWTAB"
In fact the commands are added to the path <- this causes the issue.