SSH problem

Are there any known problems with the DO SSH module? I've had it for a while but didn't use it that much. Now, I have to use it quite often and I end up have to reboot several times a week in order to clear up a problem related to it. Most times, it won't let me perform some function, like changing file permissions. As soon as I reboot, I can do it. Anyone know of a fix?


No problems here. I use SSH all the time, although I generally just upload and download files (don't change permissions much).

Do some operations work but some fail? Or does everything stop working?

Any information in the Output Window's FTP log?

Do you have to reboot to clear the problem or just restart Opus?

Are you keeping the same connection open for a long time? If so, does closing all Opus windows (but not exiting Opus) and then opening a new one with a fresh connection work?

When it fails, I can still copy some files. I can't overwrite one if its permissions are set to 444.

I've never thought to look at the log. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

I have to reboot. I tried shutting down DO completely but it doesn't help.

I might have a connection open to some site but not one using SSH. I generally only connect that way if I know I need to change certain files or properties. I tried opening a new lister when this happens but it fails the same way. Only rebooting will clear it up.


It just happened again. I connected to a site with ssh. navigated to a sub-directory and tried to copy a file. The ftp log showed:

200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
257 "/" is your current location
550 Can't change directory to /home/ptosc/public_html/customers/extreme/includes: No such file or directory
SSH: Listing Directory

What's the official method of submitting a bug nowadays? Do Greg or Jon read these forums like they used to read the mailing list or do I need to report this somewhere else. It is happening quite often.


Hi Jack,
Such issues are too complicated to discuss here. But, suffice to say there are no known problems such as this that I have seen.

Please submit a formal technical support request via the Support page on our main web site ( and I'll be happy to look into the issue for you.