Standalone Viewer Custom Button

I'd like to make a custom button for the standalone viewer, that does 3 things with only 1 click of the button. I have searched and read the Help file, and I find 2 of the commands I need, but cannot find the final one.

What I would like to have happen is to rotate the current photo by 90 degrees (Show Viewercmd=rotate,90) , then save the rotated photo (Show Viewercmd=save,quiet) , then finally to refresh the image in the viewer to it's new state.

I do not know how to combine the first 2 commands that I have found, and I have no idea what the last command would be.

Is this possible via the standalone viewer??

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Thank you. I keep forgetting to say that I'm test-driving Opus 12 for the moment.

I made a new button on the toolbar of the standalone viewer with that line of code, as all one line, however it doesn't do anything. It does not rotate the image, nor save it, or refresh...

So, I tried it from a toolbar within Opus itself, with the same results. Nothing happens...

It is two lines not one.

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Beautiful, that works just fine. Many thanks!