Standalone Viewer fullscreen issue


I use a program (Autohotkey) to switch between programs. I find, however, that if I switch to another program that is under the fullscreen of Directory Opus standalone viewer, using Autohotkey, the viewer stays on top of that program. Sometimes if I switch using Window’s task view, the viewer forces itself on top of the program that I chose to be active. I was hoping for any insight as to why this may occur, possibly to find a workaround.

If it helps, I use window classes to distinguish between Directory Opus’’ lister and viewer modes in autohotkey.

It sounds like you have configured the viewer to be on-top of other windows. Set it back to normal here:

2021-04-02 00-54-31 Clipboard Image

I did what you said, and it works sometimes, but sometimes it still doesn't? I think I can show you what I am talking about with a screenshot, bc the "alt-space" menu is for the lister, though only the viewer is showing.

Make sure the lister you launch the viewer from isn't on-top either, since that would make the viewer on-top again (otherwise you couldn't see the viewer).

I did that too, I will keep checking it and report back. If I set no to on top in the lister,it should save for all new listers?


That depends on configuration. You can use Settings > Set as Default Lister to save it explicitly.

(If you're loading any saved layouts in addition to, or instead of the default lister, those may also need to be updated separately.)