Start in top pane?

I've tried searching for this but haven't found anything, I apologize if this question has been asked previously.

Anyway, I have DOpus set up in horizontal dual pane mode. The problem is that if I close the program while having last been active in the lower pane, the next time I open DOpus the cursor is still active in the lower pane. Is there any way I can change it to where upon re-launching the program it would start active in the upper pane by default?


First, turn off Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister: Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.

Then, make the top pane active and use Settings -> Set as Default Lister to save it that way.

Well, that sorta works, but then it doesn't save the previous folders that were opened which is why I had it set to "Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister". There's no other way to just make it start with the top pane active? i reall don't want to have to say dig eight or ten layers deep through folders again just because I closed the program. See my point?

Is there any possibility of making this an option in preferences?

You might be able to do it by changing whichever action you're performing to open Opus so that it runs a user-command which opens the default lister and then changes which side is source. Not completely sure, though.

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Yes, that's working fine with Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister enabled.
Create a user command with this command and make DOpus run it for e.g. the Double-click on Desktop action:


Okay, I've linked my account and would like to make a request that this be added. I am not so familiar with DOpus that I know how to create a user command.


That's easy enough. Go to Settings=>Customize Toolbars. In the Customize Window go to the Commands Tab and choose User-defined commands on the left side. Doubleclick on Add new User Command. In the Command Editor give your command a name like Start and Copy the command I provided into the Editor like in my (german) screenshot. Click OK to the Editor and the Customize window.

To apply the command to the Doubleclick on Desktop action go to Settings=>Preferences=>Launching Opus=>From the Desktop. Activate Run User-defined Command and choose the command Start from the dropdown menu.

Been out of town, I will try this right now, thank you!

Thank you very much, seems to work great! I appreciate your time, have a great day!