Starting DO initiates some installers for other downloaded programs

Title states the problem. When I start the DO program it starts, but concurrent with it starting, a series of installer dialogues open. They run one after another, each that opens requests a resource from a previous install of that program, one that was successfully installed, and then I moved it's original file from download directory to the drive/folder where I archive software installers.

I can cancel these or point them to the new location and it does not satisfy these installer requests if I close DO, and restart it the behavior repeats.

Any clues?

Probably some MSI component that thinks it is not completely installed and is trying to repair itself when we ask for an icon, or call its shell extension to display some information in the file display, or similar.

Do the installers say what they are installing? That would be a big clue.

For a folder that triggers the problem, what happens if you open that folder in File Explorer instead of Opus? (You might need to reboot to test it, if it only happens the first time something triggers it after a reboot.)

The first time was an installer for an audio plugin. It was complaining it couldn't find it's file. I redirected to the new, correct location. That did not work. I then cancelled out through these the next time it happened. It then loads another file, complaining it cannot find, etc. This does not happen in windows file explorer.

What's the name of the audio plugin? Is it something we can try ourselves?

Is your Opus setup fairly standard, or have you customized it a lot (toolbars, columns, scripts etc.)?

Very customized, except scripts.
The requester were for different ones. Initially Positive Grid Bias Amp 2, then another, different plugin, then MS pano Image compositor. I think(?) I may have cleared it, by deleting config files (somewaht blindly, that were dated today.)