Starting Opus clean

Using Opus 12.1 I have a problem with the window opening but then becoming unresponsive with the only option being to forcibly close Opus. I am pretty sure there is an issue with a non-available network folder but the problem never clears even after leaving it for more than an hour. Is there a way of staring Opus with a totally clean lister, default configuration, no preferences set etc as this would help me sort out what has gone wrong

If you want to revert to the default configuration, uninstall Opus, reboot when prompted, then reinstall Opus.

Remember to take a configuration back up first.

Thanks both. useful advice. I have reverted back to V11 for now as it works fine. I think I have a bad choice in the Tab Group which is tolderated by 11 but not by 12. Probably best to clear out the groups before saving a config to reload - it is the least disruptive thing to lose and have to re-create!