Startup preference ignored

I have been using Directory Opus for some time now, but getting round the complex set of preferences has been a minefield. The latest annoyance is on Startup:
I have set the radio button on "Open the listers that were open when the program was last closed", but each time I start Directory Opus it shows the same as it did the previous time it was started and never progresses. I don't have it set to start-up with Windows, but I do have an icon permanently on the taskbar for when it's needed.

I would have thought that this setting would be independent of any other settings, as I just need the program to start exactly as I left it. What have I missed - is there anywhere else I need to set a preference before it acknowledges this setting?
I'm using version 12.20 x64 Pro.

You may be confusing these two things:

  • Exiting and restarting Opus.
  • Closing the Opus window and opening a new one.

In the latter case, Opus normally stays running in the background. (How to Exit Directory Opus goes into more detail.)

If Opus is exited (e.g. when the machine shuts down) at a point where no windows are open anymore, then the next time it is started there will be no windows to restore. (So Open the listers that were open when the program was last closed won't have anything to open, as there were no windows open when Opus was closed.)

If you run Opus yourself (i.e. not automatically when Windows starts) then Opus will always open something, since the assumption is you are running it to open a window. If there's nothing else to open, it will open the Default Lister.

Long story short:

  • You probably want to turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.

Then if you close a window and open a new one, you'll get the same window you last closed.

Many thanks Leo - That worked perfectly.
I knew I'd missed something. I had ignored the term " default lister" as I don't want any lister to be a default. I always want to use the lister as I left it last time, however I closed it down.
Now, I'm puzzled - it would be interesting to know when it's appropriate to use my original choice? It appears to have no effect at all.
Overall, I am very happy with what Directory Opus does, but as a non-programmer I stand by my opinion of the settings menu being a minefield.

The original choice is for when you shut down Opus (or Windows) with multiple windows open and want them all to be re-opened when Opus is restarted.