State Source and Target in the SYNCHING window

I have a set of drives configured for synchronization. When I am in the main body of Opus, it clearly states in the bottom left hand part of the screen which is the source and which is the destination.

But, after I push SYNCHRONIZE, it omits that info and just shows a lot of white space.

So, I immediately gasp and say to myself, “CRIKEY … did I screw it up this time???!!!”

It would be nice to repeat at least the identity of the source and target drives … there’s plenty of room and you already have lots of white space … and monitor resolution is pretty high, nowadays.

Just my 2 cents (US).

You should still see the folders behind the progress dialogs, which tells you the source and destination, I think? Or am I missing something?

The "Sync Left-to-Right" checkbox is useful (and I think on by default) to ensure that activating the right side by clicking on a file there does not swap the source and dest of the sync operation. As long as that is still turned on, you should always be able to look at the left and right folder paths and know where the sync is coming from and going to, at least just after it starts.