Status Bar bar graphs and NerOpus

I'm loving the new release, DOpus 8.1x! I keep finding new uses for tabs, combined with other commands...

One of the things that I have wanted to do since Gus introduced us to the concept of melding Nero with DOpus was to create a status bar that would give me a clear indication of when I was about to fill up a CD (or DVD).

(For those of you not familiar with NerOpus - see the
following site:

If you look at the Opus 8100.pdf in your DOpus folder, it tells you how to do this very thing:

You can add this to your status bar:

{bg+v=sb/4.7g} for DVDs.

I wanted to take it a step further...

I combined options illustrated from other examples in this update guide to create the following:

For CDs: (I like to set a warning maximum of 670 MB. It has a green to yellow gradient that changes to red if I exceed 670MB).


For DVDs, the maximum is set to 4.7 GB, with the same gradient:


The other thing you may need to make this work (for folders) is the Get Sizes Command, so the sizes for unopen folders are calculated - unless you have your Folders Option set to Calculate Folder sizes automatically. (I don't, as I find this slows DOpus down).

Unless you modified the default main toolbar, the Get Sizes command is already there for you. See the 8th toolbar button from the left, MMB. However, to make it more convenient, I added a new button with the Get
Sizes command on my NerOpus toolbar.

I may never open the Nero interface to burn a CD (or DVD) every again!!!

Thanks Greg, Jon, Gus, and the folks at Nero! Also, thanks Leo for re-teaching me about hexidicimal ROYGBIV and the art of editing the status bar with color! :opusicon:



I like this status bar graph option for DVD staging... but when I select a bunch of folders and click Get Sizes, I then need to manually reselect the calculated folders for the status bar to work because Get Sizes 'de-selects' them.

Anyone know any trick to keep the 'Get Sizes' function from de-selecting folders it operates on? Doing a 'Select RESELECT' doesn't quite do it.

Change the GetSizes command to GetSizes NODESELECT

Oh... you mean I should use the only argument available for the GetSizes command that is readily documented and does exactly what I want?

Duh... thanks for the brain correction Nudel.

Hehe :slight_smile:

By the way, you can add @NODESELECT on a line by itself to (almost) any button to stop it deselecting files. GetSizes has a specific argument because it was added before the generic @NODESELECT existed. :slight_smile:

e.g. To stop a rename from deselecting files:

rename PATTERN="_" TO=" " FINDREP

Aha... good to know. Thanks Leo.

I extended your cool bar by that .. so now you have CD and DVD in the same Graph (CD on Top, DVD on bottom)


NOTE: other than in the Changelog (Page 7 of the PDF File) the parameters for l are as followed:

l=0 TOP
l=2 or not set FULL

might be a bug/mistake in the changelog or some twisted values in DO's code, as a given parameter {bg+....,l} will be interpreted as l=0 und will set your bar to top only ... I think it would be worth rebuilding it in one of the next releases


I have noticed that the L=1 and L=2 params weren't working. Nitedula, thanks for clearing this up as I was going to bring it up. Seems to be working fine now with L=0 / L=1.

Rather than actually show {sba} as the value being displayed in the bar graph... can the value be 'calculated' from it? For instance, I'd like to show the calculation of (4.7g - {sb}) so I know how much more data I can still select or how much I need to subtract; so as not to have to do the math in my head after just seeing {sba} which is already visible in the default status bar :slight_smile:.

Intersting idea, would be helpful.