Status Bar - Drive Letter and Drive Label

In part of my Status Bar I used the codes:

{dlet} {dlab}

When browsing a networked PC it results in a duplication, eg:

"NETPC\Sharefolder NETPC\Sharefolder"

Locally I get what I'm after, eg:

"C: Vista"

It's my layout, so it's my choice, but I wonder whether logically they should not result in the same text when browsing a network folder. For example, should {dlet} result in an empty field when on a network.

Perhaps I'm just splitting hairs?

Just thought I'd offer it up to see what others think but if you think I should start pondering more meaningful things then feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

It's kind of a logic problem. Both codes are technically correct.

If only {dlet} is used, one would generally expect to see the UNC Share name in place of a drive letter. f only {dlab} is used, one would generally expect to see the UNC Share name in place of a drive label. It is only when both are used, that the issue exists.

It would be tricky to have Opus tr to figure out if they both are used at the same time, and blank one of them. Perhaps, both of these codes could take a modifier: {dlet:nounc} or {dlab:nounc}. When that modifier is used, UNC path would be replaced with an empty string. Then one could use either of these to suppress the duplicate information:


I've submitted a feature request for this.

That's pretty much what I was thinking as well.

We're pretty much both saying that it's not a bug but an unfortunate collision of behaviours when both used at the same time.

Your idea to solve the issue sounds feasible. But yeah, it's a tricky one.


Regarding Statusbar. Here's where mines up to at the moment.

 {i:dir} <b>{sd}</b> of {td} {i:file} <b>{sf}</b> of {tf}{h!} <i>({hi} hidden items){h!}</i>
{h!} {sba} of{h!}{h!} {tba}{h!}
{h!{tmp3}} {i:.mp3} {h!}{h!}{smp3} of {h!}{h!}{tmp3}{h!}{h!}{rpad}
 {dlet} {dlab} {pu}% full, {df} free

It displays the selected component when non-zero (except for files and folders). It hides the mp3 section until needed.

Would be cool if there was a code like {t:} and {s:} where you could specify your own file types to display total and selected count info on - and then you could, as I've done above, hide them when not in use. Although one could then get a bit overly zealous with the statusbar and instead of being a simple method of displaying information you could end up needing two monitors to display it all. :wink:

Though, seriously, I have wondered whether there is a case for a double-line status bar. But I wouldn't use it for displaying a novel. :slight_smile: