Status Bar Drive Size Imbalance

Well, this may not be a Dopus problem at all, it may be Windows.

I added a 2 TB Crucial Crucial MX500 SSD to my laptop today.
I'm running Dopus 12.21 x 64 in pretty much default out of the box configuration.
After partitioning the disk I noticed an imbalance in the status bar.
The status bar calculated 6 drives and 2.12 TBs with 2.28 TBs free local storage.

I thought perhaps the hidden partitions built in for secure recovery may have something to do with it,
but Windows itself is also imbalanced.

See attached screenshots.

Thanks Much !

It's just a rounding discrepancy I think. The individual drives have their sizes rounded down for display, whereas the total size shown on the status bar is calculated by adding the true (non-rounded) drive sizes and then rounding the total.

Ooops, my bad !
I wasn't mentally processing the / as a fraction.
Duhhh , I knew better at one time.

Thanks for pointing in the right direction with rounding errors.
I would hope for at least 16 decimal calculations before rounding these days.

Does 2^10 = 1000 or 1024 these days ?

Thanks !