Status Bar Empty Opus

I have always made lots of use of the files and folder data in the status bar at the bottom of Directory Opus. But it has disappeared. There is a blank line exxcept for the lock at the beginning and when I went to Edit Status Bar, the text was in the box. But nothing displays. I am running under the latest Windows 10 64 bit.

Is the "Glass" Status Bar option turned on in Preferences? Try turning it off, if so. (It isn't really suited to Windows 10.)

What is your status bar definition?

Have you tried resetting it to one of the Samples / presets in Preferences, and clicking Apply?

Does this happen in all folders, e.g. C:\ ?

I got it back by selecting "Use System Colors" in Preferences > Colors and Fonts. I then realized that sosmehow the text was set to white against a white background.
Thanks for your help.