Status Bar Graph not working

Hopefully I'm missing comething obvious here, but when I try and used the new bar graph in the status bar I get no items in the section at all.
The graph appears OK in the preview when editing the text.
The Status text I'm using is:

{sd}/{td} folders, {sf}/{tf} files, {sba}/{tba} selected{h!} ({hi} hidden items){h!}{rpad} {bg+V=dub/dtb,T=#ffffff,B=#DDDDDD,C1=#ffff00,C2=#00aa00, C3=#ff0000} {pu}% full, {df} free {fl} {ls}
I have tried using V with and without {}

I've managed to solve the problem myself.
It seems the colour codes are case sensitive, by changing B=#DDDDDD to B=#dddddd, it worked. A possible bug?