Status bar--how to include sizes of subdirectories in total

Is there a way to include files AND subdirectories when the status bar shows the total size of a folder on the status bar?

I've tried all the options I can think of. I thought the "total bytes" would take care of files and folders together. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Any help is appreciated.


Actually, I'm using this parameter, and it doesn't seem to work:

Selected bytes
Displays the total byte size of all selected files and folders. Displayed as either the number of bytes (the b or default option), or in bytes, Kb, Mb or Gb automatically depending on the size (the a option).

The specific setting I use is:

No matter how many files and/or folders I select, it always shows 0/0

Ok, I think I've found some bugs (or I'm just doing it wrong).

If I use {tb} the bytes show the total of all files, but not all files AND folders. If I use {tba} it says 0 bytes, no matter how many files I select. So the automatic setting is not working.

So, in summary, I'm having two problems:

  1. the "total bytes" setting only does files, not files and folders like it's supposed to.
  2. the automatic setting, which is supposed to automatically adjust the display from bytes/GB/etc, is not working. When I use it, it just stays on "0 bytes"

You have to tell Opus to calculate the sizes of folders for them to be counted. (Else how does it know what numbers to add for them?)

You can do that by running the GetSizes command and you can also set automatic, background folder size calculation if you like, but it will cause extra disk access that you may not want happening all the time.

Regarding {tba}, it works fine for me. Here is my status bar:

{h!} <b><#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#></b> {h!} {h!} {smp3}/{h!}{h!}{tmp3} playtime {h!} {sd}/{td} folders {sf}/{tf} files {sba} / {tba} {rpad} {h!} {df} free {bg+w=50,f=2,b=#f0f0f0,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840,g=0} {h!} {fl} {ls}

And my dual-pane one:

{h!L} <b><#FF0000>{hiL} hidden</#></b> {h!L} {h!L} {smp3L}/{h!L}{h!L}{tmp3L} playtime {h!L} {sdL}/{tdL} folders {sfL}/{tfL} files {sbaL} / {tbaL} {h!L} {dfL} free {bgL+w=50,f=2,b=#f0f0f0,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840,g=0} {h!L}{rleft-} {h!R} <b><#FF0000>{hiR} hidden</#></b> {h!R} {h!R} {smp3R}/{h!L}{h!L}{tmp3R} playtime {h!R} {sdR}/{tdR} folders {sfR}/{tfR} files {sbaR} / {tbaR} {rpad} {h!R} {dfR} free {bgR+w=50,f=2,b=#f0f0f0,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840,g=0} {h!R} {fl} {ls}

Yes, thank you. You're exactly right, I had the sizes option turned off. It works now.

Also, I was wondering, you said to use the GetSizes command. How do I do that? Is there an area where i can actually type in custom commands? Or is it some registry setting? I'm not to clear on this.

As someone said in another post, the GetSizes command is on the default toolbar, when you click the Create Folder icon using the middle mouse button.

You can put it wherever you want, though.

For a video tutorial on creating and editing your own commands, see Toolbars 1 here: ... .php?cid=7

Thank you for the suggestion. I will study the custom programming things, maybe I can also come up with some interesting tricks.