Status bar icons

It's not possible to use an icon from those loaded into DOpus in the statusbar, right? We can only use an icon assigned to a file type?

To be consistent, I'm trying not to specify paths to specific .ico files as part of my status bar setup and instead use the icons with file types. For instance, the .hxi filetype has a generic looking icon that is suitable for my Files count. And .mydocs is good for Folders + Files.

But I can't find a good one for my USB icon and was thinking of sending GPsoft a dev request for this.

I was able to find a work around but not really happy with it. If I create a new filetype called .usb, then I can associate an icon with that extension and reference .usb in the status bar config. But that's not saved when I backup my config, is it?

Some aspects of file types are saved with config backups. I'm not sure if the icon is, though. It tends to be the Opus-only parts of them that are saved. Also, it would still just be the path to an icon that was stored, not the icon itself, so you would not gain anything from using that instead of putting the path to the .ico file into the status bar directly.

It doesn't look like folder aliases or environment variables work for defining icons in the status bar, either.

I can't think of a better way than specifying the .ico path in the status bar like {i:C:\Icons\usb.ico}