Status Bar not showing Opus 11

I've just installed Opus 11 and can't get the status bar to show. When I click Settings>Preferences>Status Bar> the following settings are checked;

Use two independent status bars when in dual display mode
Keep status bars at the bottom of the lister

The status bar definition is the default set provided with Opus, that is,

{i:dir} {sd} / {td}
{i:file} {sf} / {tf}
{h!} <#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#> {h!}
{sba} / {tba} {rpad}
{h!} {ls} {h!}
{h!} {df} {bg+w=50,f=2,g=3,t=n,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840}{h!}

I have clicked 'Apply' but the status bar refuses to appear. I've also tried choosing some of the other sample definitions provided with Opus but still no joy. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? Thanks in advance.


In the main window, click on the "Lister" menu, near the top right of the window.

In there is an option to toggle the status bar.

Thank you Leo, that did the trick! :slight_smile: