Status Icons - No menu

I don't seem to have the RIGHT CLICK menu option for status icons. When I right click within a lister on a folder or file and right click, all I see is "OPEN IN DIRECTORY OPUS" and the normal W10 context menus.

I'd really like to use Status Icons as easily as the New Features video demonstrates.

Opus 12.1

These are the commands, if they are missing from your right-click menus and you want to add them:

Properties SETLABEL !menu LABELCATEGORY raw:~(Status)


Settings > File Types
/ All Files and Folders
/ Context Menu
/ New
...then as shown in the screenshot:

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this. Providing the code along with the screenshots made the difference.

On a side note;
I upgraded to 2 machines and the extras from just a single machine license before posting this because I just wanted to support a company and people that consistently deliver better than expected results with products and service. Little things like this make a big difference to people like me, thanks for confirming I was right in my thinking. The video walk throughs are also a big help, so many things Opus can do that I've been completely unaware of. Keep up the great work.

Glad it's working now, and thank you for the support!