Status with files and size not displayed

I'm using Directory Opus 10.
In the past, it was showing the status below with either the number of files in the folder I was, or the number of selected files and their total size. Since I reinstalled Windows 10 and this software, I do not see this information anymore. Very annoying as it's very useful. Could someone let me know how to display this information again ?

Many thanks in advance !

It sounds like you have turned off the status bar, and just need to turn it back on in the same way. There is a toggle option in one of the menus at the top by default. (In Opus 11 and 12, it's in the Lister menu near the top right, but I think it was in a different place way back in Opus 10.)

Many thanks for replying, Leo.
As you can see in the attached picture, I found were are the parameters that we can customize for the status bar. However, I don't know which code to put to display what I discribed. I found in the "Help menu / Status Bar Control Sequences" the list of codes but I'm not really gifted to do this lol :slight_smile:

Could someone see if the code inside the picture is correct or with what I should replace it ?

Many thanks in advance !

Looks fine from a quick inspection.

But you can use the Samples menu at the top right of that dialog if you want some presets which are known to work well.

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't even spot this.
I tried all the Samples and I don't even see any difference.
Something is wrongly parametered here, but what ? lol

Maybe you've set the status bar colors to white text on a white background.

Well I don't think so, I don't see available choices specifically in the Status bar options.

Display / Colors & Fonts / Status Bar

You found it, you're brilliant. Huge thanks to you Leo, I appreciate very much !!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

It's really a mistake of the default values as it's the colours by default by D.O..
Otherwise, this application is juste wonderful by the infinite number of parameters you can custom !

Thanks again :blush:_aaa

The default option is "Use system colors", which gets the colors from your system-wide Windows theme.

If "use system colors" was on but the colors were wrong, the wrong colors came from Windows, presumably due to something you configured or installed system-wide.

If "use system colors" was off, you must have turned it off.

Oh I see, so even that wasn't wrong from D.O.. Nothing to add then, brilliant !!!