Statusbar and Toolbar

First of all, I want to give big shout outs for this Product! I love it! It is really great!

I was inspired nby the KingOfDaClick's Theme.
So I was making my own Theme and so i made for each Symbolbar a new Symbolbar with different background color/image.
I made it like the KingOfDaClick's Theme.


Toolbar NAME="SilverShade MyMenu" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade MyToolbar" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade Development" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade MyDrives" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade WinMerge" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade MyPathbar" Close
Toolbar NAME="SilverShade MyTabbar" Close

Toolbar NAME="Blue MyMenu" STATE
Toolbar NAME="Blue MyToolbar" STATE
Toolbar NAME="Blue Development" STATE=right
Toolbar NAME="Blue WinMerge" STATE=right
Toolbar NAME="Blue MyDrives" STATE=left
Toolbar NAME="Blue MyPathbar" STATE
Toolbar NAME="Blue MyTabbar" STATE

Now I wanted to change dynamically the background color of the Statusbar, too. The Statusbar is not listed as Symbollist. So, is this possible and if yes, how?

Second question:
Like shown in the code above, I wan to place 2 Toolbars, at the right side.
But i want to place both in one pane, each Tolbar under the other. The code above uses a pane for each toolbar, side by side.
How do i place them down each other?

Thx in advance...

The status bar is configured in Preferences. It isn't a toolbar.

If your aim is to be able to change the background images then you should use a Theme which changes the Default Toolbar, Status Bar (etc.) images, and set all the toolbars and other elements to use those images as their backgrounds. Then you can change themes (or just edit the background definitions in Preferences - Display - Images) and the toolbar backgrounds will change.

That will save you having to update several copies of the same toolbars when you change the buttons on them.

As for toolbar placement, the Toolbar command has a LINE argument for doing that.

Thank you for your fast answer!

Well to bad, that the statusbar is not that flexible, like the toolbars.
A theme is not that interesting, because a theme change is pretty
overloaded. It takes longer and the Dopus windows will be closed.

I use multiple toolbars, cause its faster and windows will not close.
In my opinion, it would be a good feature, that the statusbar is useable
like a toolbar. At least it is my opinion. I do not see a real advantage of theme, beside you want to distribute it. But again, why not make the statusbar like the toolbar...

Well, about the Toolbar position, i am not sure how to use the line command. I have 2 Toolbars on the right side. They shall be under each other. Here is the command i use:

Toolbar NAME="Development" STATE=right LINE=0
Toolbar NAME="WinMerge" STATE=right LINE=1

Now, both bars disapear....

What do you mean the statusbar is not flexible like toolbars?

How often do you plan to change your background images that having the windows close and re-open is an issue?

forget about the statusbar...I just a though, it would be nice, if the statusbar could be editable like Toolbars. Just the Show and Hide thing.
So you can create several statusbars and show/hide them like Toolbars.
Thats all.

I am more interested in the LINE command thing...any example please?

The status bar is editable: Preferences - Display - Status Bar. You can't have more than one status bar though, that's true.

(Please ask one question per thread.)

There's an example in the manual:

[quote]LINE/K: This parameter lets you specify the line and position a new Toolbar is to open on. For example:

Toolbar “My Toolbar” TOGGLE STATE=top LINE=1

This would open the toolbar on line 1 at the top of the Lister (counting from 0). Also,

        Toolbar “Drive Bar” TOGGLE STATE=bottom LINE=2,500

This would open the toolbar on line 2 at the bottom of the Lister, 500 pixels from the left.[/quote]

So if you want two toolbars on the right, one under the other, then you'd use something like this:

Toolbar NAME="Development" STATE=right LINE=0
Toolbar NAME="WinMerge" STATE=right LINE=0,500

Of course, you could also simply combine the two toolbars into one so there is only one to manage. But if you have made several copies of your toolbars just to have different backgrounds without using Themes, then modifying them is now a real pain because you have to ensure the changes are made to every copy. It seems like a very bad way to do things to me, unless you are certain you will never want to modify your toolbars.

Thank you very much.