Stepping into self-extracting archives

I would like to be able to enter into self-extracting archives - just as one would step into a folder or a regular zip / rar / 7z / etc. non-sfx archive.

Many applications (file managers and archivers) do such navigation into executables when one presses Ctrl+PageDown.

In Opus, I have tried this with the go "{filepath}" command. If Settings -> Zip Files -> Zip Extensions includes .exe, the above works fine for stepping into Zip Sfx files created by WinZip and DOpus. For various other SFXs, e.g., those created by WinRAR (even Zip-type Sfx made by WinRAR), all I get is a brief "flip-to-white" animation seemingly indicating that Opus is trying to enter the archive, and then I'm back to the original file list.

At some point, I managed to convince Opus to display all types of SFXs in the tree, but when the tree node was clicked, Opus still wouldn't enter into most of them.

I have tried to work around this issue by associating EXE files with various archive plugins. Multi-format archive plugin doesn't seem to support Sfx archives at all. WinRAR as invoked by DO only supports RAR's 'native' Sfx and not Zip Sfx - even though WinRAR's GUI does support all of the above. Is this because the plugins use the 7z.dll or UnRar.dll (both of which are perhaps more limited in their format support)?

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated!

Assuming the folder tree is configured to show archives at all, the default zip settings hide .exe archives from the tree:

If you remove the .exe extension from the Hide From Tree option (and have the tree configured to show archives in general), then you'll see self-extracting zip archives in the tree and be able to enter them by clicking on them.

But note that this requires Opus to open and inexpect ever .exe file in every folder you enter or expand in the tree, which will send some anti-virus programs crazy and result in long freezes when working on some folders.

I don't think we support entering other self-extracting archive types, but you might be able to by renaming them to their archive extensions. For those rare cases, I generally open them in the WinRAR or 7-Zip applications via the right-click menu.

Thanks, Leo, but like I said (emphasis added):

Looks like we'll all have to resort to additional tools - as you suggested. It's just a bit of a downer that mighty Opus that outshines the competition in almost every respect is for the time being somewhat deficient in this Sfx-exploration area. :grinning:

Where are you running into all these non-zip SFX archives that you need to enter so often?

If you link your account you can make this a feature request. If there's a good use-case for it or more people request the same thing, we can certainly look into it. As it is, there doesn't seem to be much demand for it so far.

I wouldn't say often, but I occasionally need to extract only a certain part of an Sfx pseudo-installer of a portable program or similar.

It's certainly not a deal-breaker or a major issue, especially since reasonably easy workarounds exist (7-Zip is particularly good at getting into all kinds of archives and packages).

I mainly wanted to confirm that I am not missing something [not] obvious. Thank you once again!