Still problems with folder settings

I´ve reread "understandig folder formats", looked through all filetype settings & individual folder settings, etc, but still
can´eliminate following casual things happening:

  • squeezed view of columns, while there is plenty of unused colums space at the right. I often used to set the coulms & widths
    manually & save them individually. I´ve set all (as far i know) modes (in preferences -> folder settings) to "autosize", but this
    still happens a lot.

  • names are listed upside down in a lister, which has been set to view the names in regular order.

  • Hidden files are showing (in the "ghosted" look), despite being explicitely saved in the folder views in hidden state.

How can i globally set "autosize" to all folders & also have the hidden files actually hidden? :neutral_face:

The column width setting has to be coming from somewhere. If you've been through every single format in Preferences - Folder Formats then the only places it could come from (other than manual changes, or buttons you've got which set column sizes in their commands) is things like the Default Lister, Layouts and Styles, Folder Tab Groups. All those things can have formats saved in them and would need to be re-saved to update them.

Yes, that´s what i thought. But i can´t really figure out, from where it´s coming. So correcting (i use a autosize hotkey, so that´s fast) & saving is the best approach. I´d find it cool, to have an option to show the used folder format, maybe in the status bar for either lister side.