Stored Query not working

When I try to save a Find results as a stored query, it gets saved all right, but when I open it, I see no files contained in it.

And if I try to take a look at the search criteria, this is all that happens:

And if I click on Set Description, all it lets me do is add a description such as "Mary Etta's psd files"; I never get to see (and hence adjust, if desired) the search criteria.

And pressing F5 to refresh does nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

-- Steve

Stored Queries only support searches done via Windows Search at the moment. We will probably expand this in the future to support Opus finds as well but for the moment it doesn't.

Have there been any developments on this? I know how to store a filter, but I'm just looking for a way to store ad-hoc search criteria with the collection the hits go into, something where you could just click on the specific Find Results icon and tell it to run the search again.

What kind of search are you doing?

Leo, my search can be any search supported by the DOpus search criteria, either ad hoc or by way of a stored filter. My goal is to be able to repopulate a find-results collection using the original search criteria without having to actually remember what the original search criteria were, or to just see what those criteria were originally.

Depending on the type of search you are doing, you might be able to do it via a Windows Search query, in which case you could save it as a Stored Query.

Or you might be able to create a button, menu item or hotkey which re-creates the search using Opus's internal Find functionality instead, and where the button/item/hotkey can be inspected if you need to figure out what the original criteria were. (Giving the collection a name that says where it came from may avoid that part entirely, in some cases.)

I can't advise you on how to do either method without details of what you're aiming for.

Leo, I can't give you any details because there is no specific query I have in mind. It's in general. Just any query. Any ad hoc query. Or any query using a filter I had previously built.

Say I do a search in C:\Steve\oldphotos\ for

[ Bt*.txt and size>100K ]
[ *.(psd|tif|jpg) and size>10000K ]
[ modified after Jan 31 2015 ].

and it finds 349 hits, and those 349 results go into to my "Good Stuff" collection.

Two months later I look at that "Good Stuff" collection and I think to myself, "Gee, I wonder what generated that collection? Oh, let me click this button labelled "Show original query specs" to see what the query was." So I click that button and some form of display window displays showing me what the query specs were that generated those results, and I read them and after reading them I decide to run that same query again, to get a current hit list.

But rather than having to retype the query specs in by hand once again, there's another button labelled "re-run original query" and I click on that and the query runs once again (off the original criteria) and it repopulates my "Good Stuff" collection with a fresh listing of hits.

So, my request has to do with general functionality, not any specific query. Thanks.