Strange access error in a special situation (DirOpus 10)

Hi, I have this issue with DirOpus 10 Pro (latest version). Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

  • I performed an image backup of another PC using R-Drive Image V6, onto a set of files on an external HDD, this PC runs Win7 Pro.
  • I connect the same external HDD to my Win 8.1 PC where DirOpus 10 is installed, I mount the image as a virtual drive Y:, using R-Drive Image also on this Win 8.1 PC,
  • When I try to go to Y:\Users<my username>, I get an error popup saying "access denied" while reading the folder. I click on Access to "Elevate" DirOpus, then the pane keeps on reading the folder for a while, finally to display another error popup saying the drive is readonly (normal with such a virtual drive).

When I try using other file managers (Total Commander, XYplorer), they can access within this folder in elevated mode. Not the standard Windows File Explorer.

Maybe this is an issue with R-Drive Image also...

Thanks for your help.

If you fully exit Opus and re-launch it elevated by right-clicking its icon and choosing Run as Administrator you should get the same results as with those other file managers (note that this isn't really recommended in general).