Strange behavior of Copy TO=ask with archives

This is really strange. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  • A folder, say "c:\users\me\test", contains 2 files "a.txt" and "b.txt".
  • Zip the folder "test" with if with right click > Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder: this creates "c:\users\me\"
  • Open the created archive, so that:
  • dest tab = c:\users\me\\test
  • source tab = c:\users\me\test
  • Create a new file c:\users\me\test\c.txt

Now comes the issue:

  • If I issue the command "Copy", c.txt is copied to the archive.
  • If I issue the command "Copy TO=ask":
    • The dialog "Select Destination Folder" appears, with "Folder:" filled with "c:\users\me\\test"
    • If I press OK, I get a popup saying "The folder "test" does not exist. Create this folder?"
    • If I click "Yes", I get a new popup: "An error occurred creating folder 'test': Cannot create a folder when that folder already exists.'

There must be something wrong with the machine... :slight_smile: