Strange behaviour of dual status bar code

I tweaked a little more my status bar to get the most informations out of it, and displayed correctly.

I finally ended up with this code:

{rtree} {h!L}{i:file}<#FF0000><b> {hiL} cachés</b></#>{h!L} {i:dir}<#000000><b> {sdL}/{tdL}</b></#> {i:.txt}<#000000><b> {sfL}/{tfL}</b></#> {width100}{bg+v=sbL/tbL,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,w=100} {sbLa} / {tbLa} {width107}{bg+v=sbL/700m,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=50,f=2,l=0}{bg+v=sbL/4.7g,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=50,f=2,l=0}{bg+v=sbL/dfR,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=101,f=2,l=1} {width135}{bg+v=duL/dtL,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ff0000,w=135} {dletL} {puL}% plein, {dfL} libre {h!L}{bg+v=smp3L/tmp3L,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00}{h!L}{h!L} <i>{smp3L}</i> /{h!L}{h!L}<i>{tmp3L}</i> {i:.mp3}{h!L}{rleft} {rtree2} {h!R}{i:file}<#FF0000><b> {hiR} cachés</b></#>{h!R} {i:dir}<#000000><b> {sdR}/{tdR}</b></#> {i:.txt}<#000000><b> {sfR}/{tfR}</b></#> {width100}{bg+v=sbR/tbR,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,w=100} {sbRa} / {tbRa} {width107}{bg+v=sbR/700m,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=50,f=2,l=0}{bg+v=sbR/4.7g,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=50,f=2,l=0}{bg+v=sbR/dfL,c=#8eb2e4,c3=#FF0000,w=101,f=2,l=1} {width135}{bg+v=duR/dtR,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ff0000,w=135} {dletR} {puR}% plein, {dfR} libre {h!R}{bg+v=smp3R/tmp3R,f=3,g=2,t=no,c1=#00ff00}{h!R}{h!R} <i>{smp3R}</i> /{h!R}{h!R}<i>{tmp3R}</i> {i:.mp3}{h!R}

I fixed some width to be sure that the graphics are showing good proportion with the text on top of them, but maybe I could remove the widths at the beginning of the lines.

Anyways, this is not the problem.

The status bar has strange behaviours when toggling the tree view and also the hidden files display.
The problems are mostly on the right pane. It happens that hidden files are not always shown (unless the tree is displayed) + when switching back hidden files view, a part of the right status bar is still used, but showing nothing.

Is it some kind of bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Just to let you get the picture, I would like both parts of the status bar to display the same informations. I don't want stuff under the tree (as I turn it on only when I want to get the right folder, then I switch it off) to be displayed. I also want to have the informations to be displayed aligned at the left border of the listers (and cut at the right border if there's too much infos to display. I don't want it to be extended under the second lister).

Well, I removed the text "cachés" to gain some space on these lines:

{h!L}{i:file}<FF0000><b> {hiL}</b></#>{h!L}

It seems to work better, but I really don't understand why.
The only thing I see that is strange is that if I have a lister showing both panes and that I hide system files, the right part of the status bar is updated only when I put the focus on it.

Could you post some screenshots (or a zip of some screenshots if they're really wide) to help understand when it looks right and when it looks wrong?

alright, here we go!

The first pic is showing the problem when hiding system files.

The second, I think I have the answer (it could be because of {Width} used)

The 3-4-5 shows problems with Home and Desktop.

Also, on the last pic, you can see when everything's fine. I also had a question about it. You can see there are some bargraphs at the right of each pane to display length of files selected. I would like to add a vertical bar to show where the bargraph stops. I'm not sure if it's possible or if I have to rearrange stuff so I don't end the status bar with a graph.

Thanks a lot for your help (220 KB)

I see what you mean about the hidden count. I've reproduced the same thing using a much more simple status bar (just three lines) and passed it on to GPSoftware for investigation.

The other things you're seeing are normal:

If you have fixed-width elements on the status bar and they overflow the amount of space that's actually available, they will push the other elements out of position.

System folders like My Computer have their own status bar text which comes from Windows. When such a folder is active you'll just see its text as the whole status bar. With a dual-display window where there's a system folder in the inactive side, you'll get a blank status bar for that side (and have to make that side active to read its status text).

In fact, I also sent a message to GP soft.
If it can be useful to them, the status bar code is just a little different than what i put on this topic and seems to be even more strange about the hidden files. I explained in it.

Here is the number: 360032872702

For the rest, that's what I thought.
I wouldn't want to deliberately set size of some of the status bar infos, but it's the only way i figured out to have the same width for the graphic and text displayed when it's longer than graph default size.

thanks a lot for the help!

Alright, just to let know outside the beta versions topics, beta v9.5.0.2 solves the issue.

Still, I'll fill a request about the length of bar graphs and text dispayed upon it..... so that both can be width synchronised without having to fix them.
The main problem is not here for me as I can tweak it manually, the only thing is that I wouldn't want the right part of the status bar (under the right lister) to be shifted to display the whole infos of the left part.

I hope it's clear, anyways, you can understand what I mean on the 2nd pic of the zip :wink:

request filled under this n° : 360033276605