Strange bug with folder containing a dot


I have an annoying bug occurring from time to time (I would said, once a week).
When browsing my directories, sometime directory opus will get into a bad state where it only displays part of the folder names.

It displays correcty all folder whose names do not contain any dot. However, all folder names containing a dot are trunkated : for example "" is displayed as "folder"
But I can click on the folder and navigate into it so only the display seems buggy.

When the bug happens:

  • I tried to open explorer.exe, and the folder names are displayed correctly. The display is bugged only in Opus
  • If I want to get rid of the bug, I have to quit opus completely and relaunch it, and it fixes it.

I'm using Windows 10 pro x64 with Directory Opus 12.20 (although the bug exists from a long time ago and didn't appear in the latest release).

I am not able to reproduce the bug at will. It seems to appear randomly. However, it seems that the bug happens frequently when browsing a folder containing 2 subfolders beginning with the same letters, but one with a dot in it, for example:

  • subfolder1
  • subfolder1.old

I can't remember if files are affected too, or only folders.

Can you tell me how I should proceed when the bug will happen again to help you fix it ?

Thank you.

Does turning off localized names stop it happening?

(This is most likely a Windows bug, if that does fix things.)