Strange delete behavior

This started when I upgraded to version 10.

On my Win 7 64bit laptop, when I delete files/folder in Directory Opus the items remain visible until I reload the folder. Any idea why this might be?

[ol][li]Does it make a difference whether or not you use the recycle bin?

[li]If you view the same folder in Explorer, then do the delete as you were originally (using Opus), does Explorer reflect the change without a manual refresh?

[li]If you haven't already since the problem started happening, try rebooting.

[li]This FAQ may be of use.[/li][/ol]

Also... any chance you're using any AutoHotkey / AutoIT scripts of any kind...?

And... what view mode are you in for that matter? Details, thumbnails, Icon, etc...?

Confirmed behaviour here.
No scripts/autohotkey etc.
I always used details view.
This is always on a local drive.
I always delete to recycle bin.
I'm unsure of what Explorer does (or its refresh behavoiur) because I don't use it much now that I have DO :slight_smile:

I've experienced this issue as well but not too frequently. Sometimes the file name text will sit there with a different color and then go away if I change my view to another folder and then back. However, I've only seen that happen a couple of times.

If it starts happening again, try the suggestions/questions above, and especially the FAQ, and the debug stuff within the FAQ.

Will do. Again, I only saw this happen a couple of times and it occurred on a local drive. There is some latency when having to delete a lot of files (I'm doing a lot of cleanup right now), but that's not a big issue. I will follow the FAQ and debug instructions and report if anything else occurs.