Strange error whit shortcut files in DO 10


I have two shortcut files inside a folder:

ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Sprint.lnk
ABBYY Screenshot Reader.lnk

Now, when in Directory Opus 10 I double-click on one of them the following error message is displayed:

Translation: "This is not a valid Win32-Application."

But now comes the very strange part: When in the SAME directory from Windows Explorer, I double-click on the shortcuts it works perfectly and the programs do start!

So what is the difference between starting the shortcuts from DO and from WE?

There was such an issue in DO10 Beta (non-executable icons) and it applied to all DO-users. But this was solved. Maybe you send a report directly to GP as you're the only one having this issue again.

My current version is: from 17.06.2011 13:28:09

Other shortcuts behave normally.

BTW, these are that type of shortcuts which don't have a defined target file in the Property dialog, where the text in the Target field is grayed out:

However, now I have manually created shortcuts from the exe files and these shortcuts work.

There was an issue with some windows 7 shortcuts. This was resolved in recent release. Please upgrade to the version.

Installing the newest Beta solved the problem. Thanks!

I'm having this issue as well - I'll download the version and try it.

Sorry to be pedantic but since you've been told the problem was resolved in the .1.3 version, maybe it would have been better to actually try it before giving us your opinion?