Strange hang opening specific folder

I'm currently running version 11.1 x64, Windows 7SP1 x64 Ultimate. Haven't tried the betas yet.

I have specific path that seems to hang Opus for approximately 5 to 10 seconds every time I attempt to open it. And it only happens with this specific path.

The path "lib://ACV Documents/Auto Installation Scripts/AutoIt Scripts" hangs every time clicking through the Folder tree.

Ironically, if I start from the root of the C: drive, "C:\Users\ACVUsr\Documents\ACV\Auto Installation Scripts\AutoIt Scripts", Opus doesn't hang.

This condition did not occur with 10.x.

Obviously, this points to something with the library feature and Opus.


What's in that folder? Are they .exe files compiled from AutoIt Scripts? If so, see if temporarily disabling your realtime virus scanner helps, since those are often given extra attention by a/v tools which may be slowing things down.

Also try turning off the folder tree, and removing all columns from the file display except the main Name column, in case the issue is with populating the tree or some of the file display columns.

The folder does have compiled EXE's along with source code. For the very reason you mention, I have an AV exclusion for this folder and subsequent child folders. I currently use MS Security Essentials.

Anyway, I turned off Folder tree, then navigated to the path. No hang. Hmm.

I turned on the Folder tree, then repeated the navigation. No hang. Huh?

If it pops-up again, I'll respond to this thread. Thanks for the help.