Strange layout when opening while still running in taskbar

The problem occurs on all 3 computers that I use to DO on.

In Preferences / Launching DO I have


Each option except Win+E (as I do not have DO as explorer replacement) is set to load the same specific profile.

And it works just fine. Where it breaks down is, if I close the current lister window, but not close it from the taskbar. If I then click on DO from the start menu, it loads some weird layout using a completely different style.

It will work perfectly when:

  • Opening DO for the first time
  • double clicking any empty space on the desktop to open DO
  • double clicking DO from the taskbar

I am not sure where the setting, or what I need to do, that if I click on the program icon, either from the desktop or the start menu while DO is still running in the taskbar that it will load a specific layout and not some old layout from only knows where and when and how I had saved.

If Opus is already running and you click the taskbar icon, it will open your Default Lister.

Unless you want something unusual, it makes sense to make the Default Lister the thing you want most actions to open (and to make most actions open the Default Lister, in turn, if they've been changed to do something else).

Settings > Set as Default Lister will save the current window as the default lister. It can also happen automatically whenever a window is closed, depending on the choices in Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister.

I am not clicking on the taskbar icon. When DO is installed, it puts an icon on the desktop and another one somewhere in the start menu. I click on one of those 2 icons to start DO after a reboot or whatever. If I were to double click on one of those a 2nd time, that is when the format goes wonky.

Clicking on the taskbar icon will load the saved lister as specified in the settings.

By taskbar I mean the main taskbar, not the tray icon.

The main taskbar icon (if Opus is pinned), start menu and desktop shorcuts will all do the same thing, which is to open the default lister.