Strange looks of opus in all settings windows

in all settings windows (preference, customize, ftp),
i get strange looks like in attachment.

kindly tell me how to solve this?

i'm using winXP SP2, thai unicode


I'd bet is has something to do with your custom visual style, as I've seen that problem with several different applications and bugged msstyles. Switching back to the Luna default theme (or a better made visual style) should take care of your problems.

Turning on WindowBlinds compatibility mode might also solve the problem. Type WindowBlinds into the filter at the bottom of the Preferences window to find the checkbox.

thanks everyone..
this problem solved by untick the "Enable Windows XP/Vista visual style"


Throwing the baby out with the bathwater there. :slight_smile:

I'd say Dirhael is right, it's likely to be a theme that doesn't draw its tab background texture properly, by the look of it. I also found almost all of the non-Microsoft themes that I tried really buggy. Finding one that both looked good and worked properly in all my apps seemed impossible.