Strange Syncronisation Filter Oddity

I was trying to set up a filter to only include (or exclude) certain Directories (and all their subdirectories) from a one-way syncronisation, i.e:

I have the following folders on the same partition, all with multiple subfolders that can and often do change.


I only want to Syncronise the contents of 6 of these folders. Currently, I can syncronise each folder one by one, but as I'm getting lazy in my old age, I wanted to try and perform a single syncronisation on the contents of the required 6 and ignore the others (as they are filled with lots of temporary files for various programs that change often and I have no desire to back-up).

I spotted Ken's excellent post as part of this thread [url]Synchronization Question] and thought - That's what I want !!!

Now, when I build a filter that has a Location match for the 6 desired folders and Compare, it also includes a handful of sub-directories (or further directories within the sub-directories), but no files from the other 3 folders as well !

This is with DO8 which will be DO9 shortly.....

I have tried to build a filter with a Location NoMatch for the 3 folders I want to exclude which has the same result....

Any ideas why this would be happening ?


Could you post a screenshot of the filter you have defined and another screenshot showing some of the unwanted results?

Screens below.....

Looks wrong to me. Send a problem report to GPSoftware and it should get fixed.