Strip Metadata from audiobooks

I've got hundreds of audiobooks and with my MP3 player, I prefer to get rid of all metadata. When I get a book, I run it through a programme called 'Audiobook Cutter Pro' which can be configured to do just that.

However, I've got loads of books that still have metadata but looking at the file with Opus doesn't indicate which files have metadata and which don't.

I know that I can find out which is which by hovering the pointer over a file, but as I've got in excess of 1000 books, this is really painstaking!

Is there anyway to set the 'Find' command, or any other way to identify which files need to be stripped?

Any help will be appreciated

How about just removing all metadata?

With Opus: SetAttr META *
With File Explorer: Properties-Details-Remove personal...

Tools like foobar and Mp3tag can remove metadata as well.

Keep in mind that some metadata cannot be removed, e.g. bitrates, codecs.

Depends a bit on what the metadata is, but you can show various MP3 metadata in columns and also search the same data using Find.

Would it be possible to add a confirmation dialog before executing SetAttr META *?

Replying myself :wink:
Yes, it is possible:

@Confirm:Remove all METADATA from selected files?|Yes|No
SetAttr META * 
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