Stripping Geo-Tag META Data

Is it possible with a DO script to blank or zero the Geolocation meta data in a photograph?

Basically I need to upload example camera shots from a phone to my web site, but as these were taken in the back garden I ideally want to strip out the latitude and longitude form the meta data leaving the rest intact.

I think you can. There's a whole section in the manual about programmatic setting of metadata, so start there.

Yep got it, the following looks to do the job:

SetAttr META gpslatitude:0:0:0N
SetAttr META gpslongitude:0:0:0W

You can combine them on one line too :slight_smile:

In what format Jon?

SetAttr META gpslatitude:0:0:0N, META gpslongitude:0:0:0W


Without the comma. Like the examples of how to set multiple values near the top of the Programmatic setting of Metadata page in the manual. :slight_smile:

Ah right :slight_smile: I missed that part of the page!