Stuck with dll

Here's what happened - Somehow a virus/spyware/adware entrenched itself deep on my system, causing me to run several different programs to eventually remove it all completely. A by-product of this was that somehow my installed copy of DO8 got trashed and wouldn't load and wouldn't uninstall, so I set about the task of manually deleting everything. With the help of a couple of registry programs and a little know-how I was able to remove everything - EVERYTHING EXCEPT dopuslib.dll which is being loaded by explorer. This one DLL is preventing me from reinstalling DO8. Can anybody help with this?

I've been using Directory Opus since it first came out on the AMIGA and feel absolutely crippled without it!!

Boot up externally and then you'll be able to delete it.

Could having had Opus set for "Explorer Replacement mode" cause dopuslib.dll to be accessed? If so, you 'might' be able to undo that setting by editing the registry and fixing what Opus updated in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open key and backed up under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\dopus_backup... I'd check with GPSoft first though.


Now to try to find a floppy. I've been using Cd's and DVD's for so long now that I don't even remember where I put my old floppies.

Such things happen to us all the time when you are compiling and playing with new versions. Windows can lock dlls like this so you can't delete them or overwrite them. However, the solution is quite simple:) You can't delete them but you can still rename them:) Rename the file, then reboot and you'll be able to delete it.

Thanks everyone, for your help thus far, I've got that one deleted, but now a new problem. When I start to install DO8 I get this:

Unhandled Exception
Error # 08x0040707
Desc - DLL function call crash : ISRT.VerGetFileVersion
Setup will Now Terminate

and the setup op stops dead in its tracks.

I'm at a total loss now. I'm praying that someone here will have an idea of what to do next?

Problem with your machine and the Installer. Look up the error on Google for solutions

Perhaps time to reformat and reinstall windows, if you ask me.

Well, did the search, found the registry fix, and my registry didn't need fixing. Funny thing is that they pointed the error back to the software developers. I know that's not the case here, so I guess my last resort is to tear down, format, and reinstall Windoze. GAWD I hate doing that just for one program.

Yes of course they say it's a problem with the developers - but which ones. But not of Opus! The issue is with the installer and how it interacts with the OS since you haven't got to Opus yet:)

But, from all the other problems you've been having, as some would say ' you are 'on a hiding to nothing'!. Time for a fresh install of Windows.

Going back to the original problem, if dopuslib.dll is locked by Explorer you can kill Explorer.exe using task manager to release the lock.

However, if you have Double-Click on Desktop enabled within Opus then you may find other programs are also locking dopuslib.dll, because of the way the mouse hook works.

In that case the easiest thing to do is use a tool like MoveFile to schedule the DLL to be deleted on the next reboot.

Another useful tool to help in the first situation is Who's Locking?

And another one is Unlocker (free and easy to find with google). It can unlock files handled by other processes or postpone a delete if impossible...
A must have.