Style editor creates copy of style while renaming

The style editor creates copy of a style while renaming, if you put some unicode characters in the name textbox (does not apply to the single field rename dialog).
I wanted to look what a unicode arrow "⇨" looks like in the styles dropdown, to show where the viewerpane will be for that style and came across this. o)

The created copy of the style is not visible at first, you need to close and reopen the style editor to see it, or have a quick look at the styles dropdown afterwards.

Addition: It does not only apply to unicode characters it seems! Whatever character I enter leads to a copy of that style.

I can't reproduce this.

What are the exact step-by-step actions I have to do?

Are you renaming via the toolbar menus, or via the Preferences page?

  • choose "edit" from the context menu of the styles menu
  • choose any style in the prefs, doubleclick to open and edit the name
  • leave the style editor with ok button
  • leave prefs editor with ok button

-> a copy of the style with the edited name exists (open prefs again or watch styles menu)

Thanks! We've reproduced and fixed that for the next update.

(I was using the Rename option in the Preferences list, and the toolbar right-click menu, which didn't have the same issue as changing the name via the double-click dialog.)

Thank you. o)
The next user getting in touch with lister styles will be an even happier one! o)