Style the Tabs


Is it possible to style the tabs. The default Dopus tabs are rather boring. Take a look at the Freecommander screenshot as a comparison.





Opus draws the tabs using your Windows theme (visual styles), so changing themes will change how they look (not just in Opus but in everything that uses the standard tab control or visual styles).

You can also tell Opus not to use themes to draw the tabs if you want. Turn off the "use system, colors" option here:


We also briefly (in had it so that using custom colours still drew the tabs using visual styles, re-colouring theme elements as needed, so that you could use custom colours while keeping the shape/design consistent with the standard look & feel of your Windows theme:

But people seemed to hate that and wanted the old Win95-style tab rendering back when using custom colours, so that code was disabled and the old code was put back.

Hi leo,

Thanks for your detailed response. I have changed the colours which has made a big difference. Any way to change the shape - a nice to have.



Any way this could be an option? That Win95-style tab is ugly and old looking (In My Opinion). :smiley: I would love to color the new looking style tabs like in your screenshot!

We'll put the option back in a future version. It won't be in but might be in

Many Thanks Leo and GPSoft! :smiley: