Styles - 3 panel layout - how to lock folder tree?

I have a style that:

  • opens a specific folder, let's say X:\JPG
  • using 3 window panels:
    1.left folder tree,
    2. middle: sub folders of the above folder (X:\JPG)
    3. right: image view of the sub folder of '2.'
  • the sub folder view is locked (closed padlock)
  • the images folder view is also locked

All fine, so far.

Q: If at all possible, how to have the folder tree also locked, by default, but for that style only?

From what I see, when locking the folder tree and subsequently updating the style, the 'locked' position is carried over to other styles, like [Explorer].


Re-saving/updating the Explorer style with the lock turned off may work. If not, it would probably require a script which turns the lock on and off in response to styles changing.

Thanks. I think the padlock probably stays locked for other styles as well then.
Let it rest, it is not worth spending more time on this, i.e. it is not much more than just a 'it would be nice'-thing.
Thanks again!

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